Ghazoua Selmi

Ghazoua Selmi

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Education - Virtual Exchange

Placement when a fellow

Connect Program Coordinator - Soliya

Higher education

Master's Degree in English Literature - Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Kairouan

Current country of residence



Ghazwa is from Kairouan, so she moved to Tunis to pursue the Lazord Fellowship. This choice was a little bit irrational from her side because she resigned from a job, had to leave her family and try to adapt to a whole new life. However, it’s been worth it because she is doing things with passion. She is willing to learn and earn a well-reputed career with an international organization like Soliya, where she is placed through the Lazord Fellowship.

If Ghazwa had a magic wand, she would give every one the right to receive an education, and she would eradicate wars and famines.