Farah Kanzari

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018



Placement when a fellow

Namaa Association for Development and Democracy

Current country of residence



Farah is 24 years old and has a baccalaureate’s certification (Mathematical section). She graduated as an English teacher from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Kairouan – Tunisia. She has been involved in civil society since 2013. During her university life, she participated in different student activities and was a member among many different associations, one example being the International Youth Chamber.

She attended the English Language Training in the English Language Village Nabeul (LVN). This training gathered more than 200 English Elites Students  from all the faculties in Tunisia. With a great interest in diplomacy, she participated as a delegate in the North Africa International Model United Nations (NAIMUN), which took place at the American University in Tunisia.  She  also participated as a delegate in the African Union Model (AUM) that took place in the South Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) in Tunisia

She volunteered to be a mentor for a group of young girls from her hometown aged between 10-18 in order for them to participate for the first time in the national and international competition “technovation2017 3rd edition” by launching a phone application that resolves problems in the educational sector.

She organized a café talk session in the Cultural Campus in Siliana titled “youth, opportunities and scholarships “.

She participated in the national dialogue in Tunisia and as an I Watch organizer she orgonized two dialogical sessions for the youth in her hometown titled “Eja Enti”

She has received many trainings from different associations in Tunisia, one of them being the training for trainers(TOT) at the International Institute of Debate. During this training, she worked on launching a project in her hometown to prevent violent extremism.

She received the “Fundamental Digital Marketing certification” from Digital Active.

She participated in the African Union Model as the President of the NEPAD committee.

Finally , she got accepted as a Lazord Fellow.

She truly believes that there are other opportunities that she can learn from .