Ayah Karus

Ayah Karus

Fellowship year

2015 - 2016


Youth Development

Placement when a fellow

Global Communities MENA YES project

Current employment &/or degree seeking


Higher education

B.A. in Finance - University of Jordan

Current country of residence



Ayah graduated from the University of Jordan with a B.A. in Finance. After graduation, she was selected to become a Lazord Fellow, through which she gained major experience in linking social and corporate benefits. She has spent more than three years at REACH Group consulting in the marketing department. Her focus on international relations, communications, and marketing intelligence has made her realize the growth and importance of digital media in our society. She has always shown leadership qualities, participating in international competitions and exchange programs organized by prestigious organizations such as the UN, EU, US Embassy, and the UK. She received a scholarship to study at the Kelley School of Business and the Hult Business School, allowing her to learn about management and entrepreneurship in both the US and the UK. She has volunteered at different NGOs to empower youth and women, to fight extremism, and to promote peace. For the last five years, she has been involved in a project with Ambassadors for Dialogue (AFD), where she first started as a team member, and eventually became a junior trainer who facilitates sessions and trains new members. In addition, Ayah demonstrates continuous participation in many volunteering activities in the humanitarian sector.