Aya Azouz

Aya Azouz

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Cultural and Creative Industries

Placement when a fellow

Culture Funding Watch (CFW)

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations

Current country of residence



Aya is from Manouba, Tunis, and she chose to become a Lazord Fellow because she wanted to develop her skills and learn how professional life and its dynamics work. This will help her find a spot in the job market, or help others find one by creating her own business.

She is an active and dynamic scout leader who is interested in sustainable development and sustainability in general. She has been the regional coordinator and commissioner for 2 years, and she is interested in entrepreneurship, human rights, and SDG advocacy. Lastly, shes love coaching conversational English to professionals who need it.

If Aya had a superpower, she would encourage the use of technology to make the world greener, and to help stabilize the environment for future generations.