Arwa Mufleh

Arwa Mufleh

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Youth Economic Empowerment

Placement when a fellow

Project Assistant - Plan International

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Social Work - University of Jordan

Current country of residence



Arwa is a young social worker and activist curious about working with diverse perspectives to enact change. She received an undergraduate degree in social work with individuals, youth, and communities from the University of Jordan. Through the Lazord Fellowship, she is currently a program assistant at Plan International. Her experience is rooted in a rock-solid background of working with youth from all cultures and different life circumstances. Through these experiences she has gained a diverse set of skills in research, facilitation, projects, and event management.

If Arwa had a superpower, she would like to have the power to make people’s dreams come true, especially those of children who dream of completing their education, women who dream of independence and salvation from injustice, men who dream of stability, and human beings who dream of salvation from war and hope to return to their homes.