Arij Tounsi

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Public Health

Placement when a fellow

Project Assistant in ATL MST SIDA SFAX

Current employment &/or degree seeking

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Higher education

M.A. in English Literature - Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sfax

Current country of residence



Arij, a highly dedicated and ambitious person, holds a bachelor’s degree in English and is an M.A. graduate in English Literature. She is a translator and an English teacher. Her experiences shaped her skills and helped her to become proficient in translation and skilled in delivering engaging and interactive lessons. However, Arij has also decided to explore working with organizations that focus on social change. Volunteering within WeYouth organization granted her the chance to dive deeper into civic engagement. The Lazord Fellowship came right on time. It allowed her to build her capacities and granted her the chance to implement her newly acquired skills to create change in her region. Her path will always be marked by this fellowship experience. Arij is on a continuous journey of learning. She will continue wandering and wondering, constantly looking for new challenges to further improve her performance.