Alaa Allouh

Alaa Allouh

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018


Placement when a fellow

Corporate Responsibility Team - Trip Effect Project Coordinator

Higher education

Political Science, Future University in Egypt

Current country of residence



Alaa is a Syrian living in Egypt. In 2016, Alaa Allouh graduated from the School of Economics and Political Science at Future University in Egypt with a degree in Political Science and a new passion for civil, social, and human developmental work. She was keen on exposing herself to new practical ideas and experiences that would boost and develop the skills she needed to pursue a professional career in this field. Alaa’s motivation for this profession roots greatly in the strong belief that seeking knowledge in this direction/field will one day be extremely useful to help rebuild her country.

Since November 2016, she has worked as a documentation and communication officer with the Community Empowerment of refugees in Egypt, implemented by Terre des hommes based in Cairo, Egypt, and funded by the UNHCR. She has excelled in building authentic relationships with both the project team and beneficiaries. She has also proven how well she could work under pressure. Dedicated to advancing her projects, she never hesitates to take initiative and to perform tasks that is not required of her, such as translating texts from English to Arabic, and helping her colleagues create a filing system for hard copies of refugee applications. She helped organize a volunteering experience in India. This experience in turn helped her learn and explore different things that are outside her everyday life realities.

Alaa never misses a chance to explore things that would stimulate and benefit her mind and soul. She follows everything that intrigues her passions and beliefs, never ceasing to seek fulfilling experiences that will show her how to improve her life and what she can continue to achieve.