Ahmed Tag

Ahmed Tag M.

Fellowship year

2020 - 2021


Arts and Culture

Placement when a fellow

Program Officer - DROSOS Foundation

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Curatorial Assistant, Sharjah Art Foundation

Higher education

B.A. in Journalism and Digital Publishing - Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

Current country of residence



Tag is a filmmaker, visual artist, and film impact producer. He is passionate about freedom of expression, intercultural dialogue, and art democratization for social change. Tag is motivated by his passion for civic engagement, intercultural dialogue, the arts, and filmmaking. He decided to apply to the Lazord Fellowship because of his strong belief in arts and culture as a method for social change. Ahmed was particularly engaged during college, writing, and translating several published articles on the social and political situation in Egypt and globally. He also volunteered and participated in many civic engagement projects and exchange programs in Egypt and abroad. Ahmed is an art enthusiast who is passionate about photography, videography, creative writing, and storytelling. Since 2017, he has written, filmed, edited, and directed several short films that have been submitted to film festivals, winning awards in Egypt and internationally.