Ahmed Allam

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024



Placement when a fellow

ASMAE - Association Soeur Emmanuelle

Higher education

Bachelor's of Arts in Hebrew Language, Alexandria University

Current country of residence



Ahmed Allam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hebrew Language from Alexandria University.

He discovered his passion for developmental work early on. During his engagement with the Y-PEER initiative, he progressed from participant to coordinator, empowering youth and raising awareness of societal issues. Later on, in Care Egypt, he contributed to the refugees’ integration into Egyptian society.

Also, Ahmed served as Deputy Coordinator for the Fadelia Foundation, coordinating programs promoting peace values. In addition, he worked with the Addiction Treatment Fund and led the Volunteer Unit, as he is committed to drug awareness.

His success in national debate championships led to coaching roles and the title of Best Coach in Debates Club 2030.

Ahmed’s diverse engagements included coordinating the YV program with Thinking Academy and the British Council, while contributing to Plan International’s Youth Integration and Employment project.

Currently, he is involved in entrepreneurial initiatives. His volunteering experience positioned him as a mentor and trainer, showcasing his dedication to positive societal impact.