Ahmed Adel Taher

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018



Placement when a fellow

Educate Me - Community Coordintaor

Higher education

Philosophy, Ain Shams University

Current country of residence



Ahmed holds a degree in philosophy which greatly influenced his perspective on teaching and education. His refusal to teach and be a part of the Egyptian educational system that suffers from decreasing quality has pushed him to utilize his degree to come up with a new philosophy in teaching – a philosophy where he believes mixing arts and storytelling with academic subjects increases the adaptability of curriculum to children’s different interests and talents in a way that develops and encourages them. Taking part in a Simulating Egyptian Transition “Egypt 2025” is where he learned to play various roles that differ from his personality, ideals, opinions, and beliefs. It is also where he allowed other people’s experiences to teach him a lot of valuable lessons. Consequently, this led to the idea of constructing a new teaching technique for children to be supported and encouraged to grow. This technique focused mainly on increasing a child’s ability to listen, understand, and notice his/her surroundings. He was able to execute and test this technique as a facilitator of numerous workshops for orphan, refugee, and abused children. Experience gained from these projects has paved the way and enabled him to join Education Square where he started out as a volunteer before becoming a program coordinator. In his role as coordinator, he organized visits to NGOs in Egypt who work in the educational field, and collaborated with them to improve their database system of their work, services, and contacts. He was later promoted to the position of Communication / Event Coordinator in which he was responsible for planning and executing various events, such as a series of workshops and panels to discuss and find solutions for problems children face in the Egyptian educational system.