Ahmad Hassan Ali

Ahmad Hassan Ali

Fellowship year

2014 - 2015


Education - Engineering

Placement when a fellow

Program Assistant - Tahrir Academy

Current employment &/or degree seeking

First Engineer - Egyptian Navy

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Current country of residence



Ahmad Hassan is a mechanical engineer who graduated from Alexandria University in 2014.

During his university life he participated in different student activities but the real journey started when he became a co-founder of MOIC Alex. This experience allowed him to test his abilities of teamwork, ideation, team building, leadership and planning.

This experience also highlighted the butterfly effect concept as a way of change: simple little steps can lead to a major change in the long run. In 2014, he was accepted as a Lazord Fellow and placed at the Tahrir Academy, starting another journey of self-exploration as he helped established the academy’s new project, “Go Teach”. It was a journey filled with experiences, benefits and friends.

For the coming years he is planning to learn more about planning at the industrial level to see the possibilities of adjusting their techniques along with NGOs.