Ahlam Gamal

Ahlam Gamal

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Cultural Development - Education

Placement when a fellow

Cultural Coordinator - Collective Routes

Higher education

B.A. in Fine Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic/Animation and Book Art

Current country of residence



Ahlam has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the Graphic Department/Animation and Book Art. She is interested in culture and arts and their role in societal change as the primary drivers for expressing ideas and needs. She strongly believes in the role of the arts in developing societies in a way that includes and allows all individuals to be honest, equal, open and confident in themselves and in others.

Through the Lazord Fellowship she works as a cultural coordinator with Collective Routes. Her role is to provide support for the implementation of projects and support in planning, monitoring and evaluating project activities, providing visual content for various tools and researches, and working on developing cultural work and making it available to the community.

She was the program coordinator for community empowerment at Ruwwad, which works to empower young people through their learning journeys and enhances their role in community participation and services. Her role was to design educational processes for women in eradicating illiteracy, promoting free education, empowerment, and awareness of their issues.

She is on the national team of ambassadors of National Dialogue Egypt, which works to promote a culture of dialogue and peaceful coexistence, as they believe that dialogue is a type of art people use to express their ideas to reach solutions and ideas on how to develop society without excluding any of its members.

She also works on documenting the oral heritage of marginalized areas in order to revive them as an important part of the country’s culture in that they give us events from the point of view of people from the street where they differ or agree with the reliable historical vision of historians. She created a website to document the oral literature of one of the slums in Egypt. Also, her graduation project was an illustrated story of an Egyptian folk story of a young Egyptian hero “Ali Al-Zeibaq”.

She was a co-founder in establishing a cinema space in the Old Cairo area to raise awareness of gender, using cinema with the Art Association for Development. Among the Fael Cultural Program, which works at the regional level to spread culture and arts in complex societies, from the “Action for Hope” organization, she believes that culture and the arts have an effective role in spreading coexistence among members of society, as well as the need for cultural relief for youth and children in various regions, especially marginalized areas.