Abdelrahman Rayeq

Abdelrahman Rayeq

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022



Placement when a fellow

Programmes Coordinator at Generations for Peace

Current employment &/or degree seeking

U.S. - Jordan Leadership Exchange Senior program coordinator at International Research Exchange Board (IREX)

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineer

Current country of residence



Abdelrahman is currently working as a U.S. – Jordan Leadership Exchange Senior Program Coordinator.

He has experience in working in various roles in the humanitarian and development field. Previously, Abdelrahman worked with Generations for Peace as a Programs Coordinator on Maharati Leadership Programme, Youth Peace and Security Resolution and Climate Action Programme. Abdelrahman has worked also on Nubader Psychosocial Support Program to support Jordanian and Syrian youth by promoting learning and psychosocial resiliency. Moreover, he has been involved in several volunteering opportunities with different organizations such as Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre, ActionAid, Jordanian Women Qualifying and Training Society, United Nation Volunteers, Al Jude for Scientific Care, International Youth Foundation, SPARK International and Leaders of Tomorrow.

Abdelrahman has an experience in working with youth, children, and women on different fields. He was able to train children on psychodrama as a trainer with ARDD Legal Aid on a community project at Sahab, Amman. In addition, he was a trainer with PBYRC on basic life skills for children from Al Dulail, Jordan, and Syrian refugees aiming to increase social cohesion between these communities.

He worked as a Training Coordinator at Jordan Paramedic Society. In his role, he was responsible for all training development projects of the personnel of The Ministry of Health. Furthermore, he has experience in working as a consultant. He is specialist in the training of trainers, british parliament debate skills and project management of development in civic, social, and political organizations. Also, Abdelrahman is a member of many regional and international youth networks and organizations such as Electron Youth Network and the Lazord Foundation Fellows Network.

Abdelrahman was the facilitator at the Lazord retreat, focusing on the well-being of fellows. He coordinated workshops centered on self-care, mindfulness, and team building. The program aimed to empower fellows, nurturing resilience, and revitalizing their dedication to their missions.