Abdallah Esam

Abdallah Esam

Fellowship year

2018 - 2019


Social Entrepreneurship

Placement when a fellow

Program Assistant - Rise Egypt

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Commerce - Cairo University

Current country of residence



Abdallah has had a long-standing passion for development in the field of disability. In March 2018, Abdallah founded the first cerebral palsy football team in Egypt; its aim is to support people with cerebral palsy to reach their life potential through sports and active recreation. He hopes to be a social entrepreneur and initiate changes that achieve huge and sustainable impact in the community. He saw the Lazord Fellowship as a great opportunity to gain more experience in the civic field. Through the Lazord Fellowship, he is currently a program assistant at Rise Egypt, a new kind of organization – one that believes in the capacity, creativity, and ingenuity of Egyptians, and those who love Egypt, to unleash innovative solutions to the country’s biggest development challenges.