Mohamed Ali

Mohamed is a multipotentialite engineer who is fond of the environment, renewable energy and green business, and dreams of maintaining the sustainability of the planet. Mohamed grew up in Upper Egypt where opportunities are few and people’s voices are not heard. Over the past seven years he has experienced working and volunteering with different organizations on programs that worked on various issues and topics such as entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, and youth development. Mohamed knows by heart the challenges that face the environment, youth, marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Mohamed founded Electrobekia, the first start-up company for E-waste Recycling in Upper Egypt, and secured funding through AUC Venture Lab & Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), supported by (UNDP). Mohamed won first place at the Entrepreneurs League and won first place at Innovation Day 8 by pitching Electrobekia as an early-stage startup that can generate profits while contributing to environmental sustainability.