Oumayma Sessi

Oumayma Sessi is an English and International Relations graduate. She chose to dig into this field because of her keen interest in public affairs. Oumayma is a diligent and dedicated person, with a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact. She has contributed to volunteer work with I Watch Organization. Furthermore, she had an enriching experience at the diplomatic level during her internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By joining the Lazord Fellowship, she started her first professional experience in a field that she is passionate about-the field of humanitarian action in civil society. Through the fellowship, she did her placement at the Tunisian Organization for Social Cohesion, where she was lucky enough to occupy various positions.

Oumayma is a perseverant person who aims to complete tasks to the fullest; she uses her positive attitude and good spirits to also encourage others to accomplish their tasks.

Yosra T. Karoui

Yosra is a young and motivated Tunisian who studied English literature, civilization, and linguistics, and then went on to pursue her master’s degree in translation. She is passionate about learning new languages, acquiring new skills, and being more engaged in civil society.

She started to discover civil society in Tunisia when she joined Junior Chamber International (JCI). Since then, she has been involved in several initiatives on peace building, humanitarian ties, and youth.

As a Lazord Fellow, she was placed at Search for Common Ground Tunisia where she worked simultaneously on two projects under the big theme of peace building. The fellowship year allowed her to acquire more skills and be more engaged and ambitious.

Yosra has fully benefited from the Lazord Fellowship experience, which is a step forward in civil society in her country – a step that keeps broadening the sphere of her ambitions.