Obada Snobar

Obada is a human rights activist who has four years of experience in the human development field as a MEAL Officer, an entrepreneur, and a career advisor, while proudly being a Lazord Alumnus.

Mohammad AbuFarda

Mohammad obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2018, and he is a writer! Trained as an engineer, but later on he chose to be an author and activist for human rights, women’s rights, and society support. He has had 4 years of volunteering with many organizations and he is really interested in human rights. Mohammad is an optimistic and detail-oriented person, adores books, and currently has a project. The project revolves around a new philosophy for the human mind based on humanism, religion, anthropology, written history, physics, politics, love, peace, social issues, and communication between genders. It is a new mental search that provides answers for human beings to find newer and better ways that might help us understand ourselves. Mohammad is very excited to share these thoughts!

“The Lazord Fellowship is a huge turning point in my life.  It’s a good opportunity to get in touch with the real community and add value to keep it growing.”