Dana Al Akhras

Dana Al Akhras

Dana graduated from the University of Jordan with a bachelor’s degree in finance. She was honored to have participated in the Lazord Fellowship. As a Lazord Fellow, she was on the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) team at Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), where she played a positive role on the development of her community while improving her leadership skills.

Because youth is her passion, she has participated in many training courses empowered by well-known organizations such as Erasmus+, which focus on youth development. She was honored to have represented Jordan and youth from the MENA region, in Europe and Mediterranean at a conference that was held in Greece.

She worked at Al Etihad Bank, Jordan, as a junior relationship manager. Currently, she is working at Al Etihad Bank as a Learning and Development Associate in the HR department. Her dream is to fulfill her passion and enrich her technical and interpersonal skills by implementing and participating in new programs and opportunities that focus on youth development, and to make an impact on underprivileged countries such as her beloved Jordan!

Mostafa Abdelfattah

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After 4 years of working in civic engagement, Mostafa Abdelfattah took, “maximizing the role of private sector in community development,” as a life mission.

After he graduated from the faculty of Business Administration, he applied to the Lazord Fellowship Program, his first professional step towards the world of civil society. During the fellowship, he was be able to paint a vivid picture about civil society.

He then started to recognize how the private sector organizations could fill the community gaps throughout his engagement in the CSR department of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and his participation in many other programs.

In 2015, he joined the International Labour Organization (ILO) to work with the Exports Project team. This project aims to contribute to the promotion of decent work and competitiveness in Egypt by supporting improved compliance with fundamental principles and rights at work.

He recently joined USAID as CSR Technical Advisor on the Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project.

Mostafa’s interests include parachuting, diving, Oriental music, history, sociology and anthropology, global affairs, and networking.

Noha Mosaad

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Noha Mosaad has been working and volunteering in civil society for the past 4 years. Her passion for civic engagement motivated her to travel from her hometown to the capital to explore more opportunities and develop her skills to further serve the community.

Eager to learn, she joined a number of student activities and simulation models which enabled her to develop her leadership capacity and to acquire different set of skills including communication and problem solving. After graduation, she was accepted into the Lazord Fellowship Program. The program helped her develop a wide range of technical skills such as project management, proposal writing and team building. It also allowed her to expand her network of professionals and non-profits in the field of development locally and internationally.

As a fellow, she joined the team of Microsoft CRS as a Project Manager where she focused on providing youth with a full eco-system environment. Noha was directly involved in developing a variety of capacity building workshops in different governorates to equip the participants with essential skills they needed to know about the market and its dynamics. That experience added a lot to her skills such as coordination, organization, content development, relationship management, planning, scheduling and following up skills.

Furthermore, she completed an internship at the Gerhart Center for Civic Engagement and Business Responsibility at the American University in Cairo (AUC). There, Noha worked as a Program Assistant for “Community Lab Program” in cooperation with United States Institute of Peace (USIP). Her work focused on promoting dialogue and collective problem solving among youth from different backgrounds, organizing different trainings and group discussions to enable participants to collaboratively and collectively develop solutions to address different community needs.

Ibrahem Hassan

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Ibrahem is currently seeking his Masters of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management at the American University in Cairo and completed his undergraduate studies in Economics at Suez Canal University.

Ibrahem is working towards understanding the development field in Egypt through his work in different agencies. He has gained practical experience thanks to the UN, CSR, and local NGOs, and research experience at AUC. He is developing his career in practical research. His scope of work started with youth engagement in Ismailia as an active member in various student activities before graduation. This was then directed to organizational establishments with the UN and local NGOs, and this has developed to the tackling of the gap in evaluation of practices in the development field in Egypt, concerning especially CSR activities.

“My personal aspiration is leaning towards the area between social mobilization research and practice, which I believe will create active, strong, and well-informed citizens.”

Reem Bassem Fouad Mikhail

Reem Bassem Fouad Mikhail

Reem is a young woman who has more than 8 years of international development experience. She is a professional consultant with a background in social-psychology, public policy, and administration, with a focus on the management of development programs, as well as economic development. She has worked on three different continents on projects pertaining to engaging the private sector in the development agenda, and recently specialized her expertise on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Reem recently returned to Egypt after a Fulbright exchange at Michigan State University.