Hadeel Alqatamin

Hadeel supports the WANA Institute as the Arabic media assistant and sustainable development research assistant. Hadeel is interested in increasing the amount of online scientific content in Arabic. She has written and proofread articles for various Arabic websites, such as Mawdoo3, where she worked for over a year. She holds a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Jordan, where she also worked as a teaching assistant. Hadeel seeks to expand her knowledge in terms of civil and sustainable development, in which she believes that scientific research based on evidence is a key solution.

Soulaima Jaouadi

Soulaima Jaouadi started her career in 2015 as an intern at the international organization, Search for Common Ground Tunisia. During her internship, she worked on projects such as youth and leadership and CVE (Countering Violent Extremism). This experience was very important to her as it allowed her to get to know other people and to learn from their experiences.

She also worked as a project consultant for two months for the evaluation of the Madam President project, where she covered many FGD’s in several regions in Tunisia as well as provided a logistical support for the external consultant.

“Thanks to the Lazord Foundation, and the host organization, UTIL, I have been the Administration, Logistics & HR Assistant at Search for Common Ground Tunisia since 2016.”

Lian Saifi

When Lian Saifi first joined the program, she was a fresh graduate and joined the great local youth organization Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT). She spent two years there, building her skills and capacities. It was the perfect place to do so, because they gave her the opportunity and the space to grow and come out of her comfort zone. Being there nurtured in her the drive to keep trying new things and be up for challenges. She first joined LOT as an intern and was rapidly given the full trust to lead an entire project.

After understanding the youth context and the local sphere of NGOs in Jordan, she decided to apply to an international organization. One of them was the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), which is one of the most reputable organizations among the INGOs in Jordan. She became the multimedia technical officer at NRC, working in the communications and advocacy unit. She manages communication products that advocate and address Syrian refugee issues in Jordan. The communication products vary from videos, photos, publications, data visualization, and blog content to campaigns.

“Now that I am out there, I can reflect back to those 4 years that passed and I would say that I am very proud of myself, and very happy with the opportunities I was given along the way, and I would tell you to stay tuned, because you will be hearing some great news about me in the coming days.”

Abdelrazzaq Awwad

During Abdelrazzaq’s days as a university student, he always signed up for INJAZ programs. He heard about the Lazord Fellowship Program while attending the INJAZ programs and always had his mind set on applying to the fellowship. Upon graduation from his university, he applied to the fellowship and was accepted to the class of 2012-2013, and was placed at Partners–Jordan.

During the fellowship program, INJAZ provided the fellows a series of trainings that positively affected both his social and practical life, which in return opened a huge door of opportunities for him.

He is currently a project coordinator for communication and behavioral discrimination at The Jordan Communication Advocacy and Policy (JCAP) program, which is funded by USAID.

He strongly advises his peers of the Lazord Fellowship Program from this year and the years to come, to make use of every day, hour and minute while in this program. He also advises the fellows to look for challenges and to face them, as he learned a lot from his first job experience.

“INJAZ and Lazord is a magnificent opportunity to start my career path.”

Samar Saad Abdelrahman

Samar Abdelrahman is currently working as a Campaign Manager with Save the Children Egypt and finalizing a Master’s Degree thesis in Globalization and Development Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Law and Political Economy from the American University in Cairo. She has more than 5 years’ experience as an aid worker, during which she worked with various international organizations in Egypt and abroad.

“In a world controlled by corporations and financial interests, I believe I am working the job of my dream; I am working in a job that is highly associated with my values and the things that I have faith in. Without being totally utopian about humanitarian work, it is, to a far extent, a work that offers actual help to unprivileged people. Yes, humanitarian work saves thousands of lives every day. We remember the people who are forgotten or abused by their governments and/or the world. I can see closely the changes that I am help making for those people in need and what other that can be more satisfactory in a job. And this is exactly what makes my work not just a job, but my lifestyle, passion, and commitment.”