Mohamed Amin

Amin is a Renewable Energy Engineer who started his journey in the development sector in 2017, focusing first on youth empowerment, then widening his perspective to focus more on sustainable development.

Amin believes in the power of building communities either through networking, fostering collaborations, capacity building, or raising awareness. This is why while working at AUC, he focused on supporting local communities and building their capacities. He also worked on promoting solutions and raising awareness during COP27 when he was responsible for the AUC pavilion in the green zone.

In addition, Amin received a certificate to be a trainer in sustainable development from the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.

Now, he is more focused on building collaborative communities in the business and entrepreneurship sectors through his work with ElRehla (The Journey).

Maram Nabil

Maram graduated from Alexandria University as an interior designer. She has always been fond of helping the community ever since her stay in the USA as an exchange student. Her passion inspired her to volunteer and work for local and international organizations in Spain, Poland and the United States while she was at university.

After getting her bachelor’s degree, she applied for the Lazord Fellowship to develop her experience in the community development sector. During the fellowship, she worked as a program officer for research and strategy projects with multiple INGOs such as GIZ, UNIDO and Plan. One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the research component; she and her team wrote a research paper on, “Programs that Support Youth without Parental Care in Egypt.” The findings and the recommendations have inspired partner organizations to consider changing their programs and policies. Her team won the Lazord research competition in Egypt.

Currently, she works as a program assistant for the global initiative WISE at Ashoka Arab World. She is responsible for activities targeting Arab women social entrepreneurs in the region.

Along with her work experience, she also became a certified trainer for gender and civic engagement through Goethe Institute, and is an advocate for minority groups rights in the region by the MRG.

Abdallah Hassouneh

Abdallah Hassouneh is a youth activist and content creator, a Jordanian media and communications professional with 6 years of experience working with different local and international organizations in the non-profit sector. He has in-depth experience in design, communications, social media, photography, and filmmaking. Hassouneh is highly skilled at balancing multiple projects and coordinating tasks.

Imane Guetat

Lazord Alumna
General Secretary of JCI Sfax 2023
Training Developer at JCI Sfax 2022
Junior Digital Marketer
Hubspot Certified
Public speaking champion of Africa and the Middle East and present in the Top 4 Worldwide

Nehal Attiya

The whole story about Nehal’s fondness for the development sector started with using handicrafts, colors and music in different artistic ways, leading to her passion towards informal education. Working with kids from different backgrounds and situations in Egypt and Italy showed her the importance of mental health for kids.

With the experience Nehal has in facilitating, researching, curriculum designing, and proposal writing, she started to wonder about more knowledge to enable her to connect artistic products of kids to their personalities, in order to understand more their psychological and emotional needs. This will help her develop a customized curriculum, and one day, achieve her life goal of creating an Art Therapy School.

She would like to deepen her knowledge in project management and explore more fields. Now she works in the social entrepreneurship field, a field she finds very interesting, rich, and inspiring. She believes that this will help her explore and deepen her overall knowledge and experiences.

Islem Allagui

Islem Allagui is currently enrolled as a second year research master’s student at the Higher Institute of Languages in Tunis and she specializes in Cross Cultural Studies and Poetics. Over the years, she has demonstrated valued leadership skills by means of participating in her college community activities. Her aspiration to create a positive change led her to volunteer on the management team of TedxSidiBouSaid to bring life into the event entitled ‘Brighten Your Future’. As a debater, she participated in multiple trainings such as I Debate w Rasi 3ali and Sawty Debate Competition. She aspires as a leader to use her skills to make constructive change in her community and to inspire others to do the same.

Salma Ben Khelifa

Through the Lazord Fellowship, Salma had the chance to be part of the most prominent NGOs within the Tunisian Ecosystem and she was lucky enough to have a team that strongly believed in her! She had the chance to experiment within the organization, first having responsibilities working with civil society partner organizations, then moving on to having a role in public relations. It has definitely been an enriching experience where she got to learn more about the Tunisian ecosystem, and in return give back to the organization.

Mohamed Ali Ben Yedder

Daly graduated with a master’s degree in risk assessment and management in insurance and banking from the University of Tunis Manar in 2022. He has decided to create a career in which he can make a difference and be a thought leader who inspires others in society.

Daly was lucky enough to be part of the Lazord Fellowship family through UTIL and placed at the Tunisian Association of Public Auditors, where he coordinates Civic Engagement Programs. He has experience in community engagement projects, coordination and mentorship.

Beyond everything, Daly is passionate about the arts, in particular music, cinema, and traveling.

Khouloud Kechiche

Khouloud is a freelance journalist who graduated from the Institute of Press and Information Sciences in 2020. She is currently a journalist and a showrunner at Boubli, a youth-led digital media platform. She worked as a communications officer at Culture Funding Watch, within the framework of the Lazord Fellowship 2021-2022 and as a consultant with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES – Tunisia). Besides her passion for journalism, Khouloud is a Soliya Connect Program Alumna. Previously she worked with La Presse, Democracy International, Jawhara Fm, Misk Fm and Tunivisions as a journalist intern.

Yousra Khalil

Yousra is a driven young development practitioner. She began her career as a translator, international and slum educator, and researcher during university. She was passionate about research, yet she always wanted to work on the ground and be closer to the beneficiaries, particularly when it came to providing education assistance to underprivileged communities. This became true after joining in the Lazord Fellowship. She not only gained new knowledge and abilities, but she also became involved in MEAL activities that allowed her to integrate her research abilities with her enthusiasm for field work.

On the personal level, Yousra is a cat rescuer, an enthusiast of Islamic heritage and architecture, interested in urbanism, and she presently plans to learn more about advocacy and activism.