What we do ?

The Lazord Foundation supports the design, implementation, and development of experiential and educational programs for young professionals in the Mediterranean region.

our mission

The Lazord Foundation believes positive, sustainable change comes from within. More and more young people in countries such as Jordan, Egypt or Tunisia are innovating and developing their own opportunities for prosperity and peace. They believe they have a duty to each other and the next generation. We believe it’s our duty to champion their solutions.

The Lazord Foundation is a strategic non-profit organization that supports the leadership development of new college graduates around the Mediterranean. Our Fellowship provides for local internships, supported through trainings, mentoring, and professional networks, to develop a cadre of leaders dedicated to creating a better world, starting with their local communities.

For each country where the Lazord fellowship is implemented, the Lazord Foundation has identified a reputable local organization with the capacity to not only implement the fellowship in the country but also to participate actively in the development of the program.

The curriculum is continuously reviewed to align not only to the needs of the market but also to the developmental sector. The curriculum is inherently inspired by the rapid evolution of the developmental field beyond specialized organization and across sectors. The foundation promotes a culture of cooperation and knowledge exchange, providing a platform for peer to peer learning by putting the Lazord stakeholders at the center of the reviewal process of the curriculum.


Why the name “lazord” ?

We proudly use the name Lazord, the Arab word for Lapis Lazuli. Prized in Arab history for representing wisdom and truth, the Lazord stone is a symbol of the region’s youth - a treasure to be cultivated, honed, and cherished.

Our values

Throughout our work, whether in the curriculum, placements or program management, our values are our key drivers and aspirations:


Respecting all others, regardless of differences in appearances, traditions or beliefs; the patience to discover the root of a difference of opinion before acting on conclusions.


Treating everyone with kindness without the expectation of reciprocity.


Being honest and fair to others, including yourself; having an internal sense of accountability.


Commitment to promises and unfinished projects; a determination to strive for excellence while never neglecting to seek the input of others.


Courage to live out your dreams and help others, despite the challenging circumstances that often cross our paths.