Foundation staff

The Lazord foundation was born from the meeting between Anna Irwin Manice and Nelly Corbel, both animated by a desire to build a better future for the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Anna Irwin Manice

President of the Lazord Foundation

Anna is the co-founder and president of the Lazord Foundation.

Anna helped start the first Lazord fellowship program while living in Egypt in 2010.

Anna spent three years in Admissions, including two years as Assistant Director of International Admissions at Northeastern University managing the Middle East and Africa, and one year at Columbia University.

She was most recently an Assistant Director for International Students at Northeastern University.

Anna received her Bachelors from Princeton University in Near Eastern Studies and her Masters from Teachers College-Columbia in Higher Education.

Anna is on the board of the Havens Relief Fund Society in New York City.

Nelly Corbel

Vice President of the Board

Nelly Corbel dreams of a citizen driven world where solidarity rhymes with growth.

With over 12 years of experience in capacity development, conference moderation and program management in the fields of Civic Education, Citizenship Development and Higher Education reform in Europe, North America, North Africa and the Middle East, she has served in a number of leadership positions and boards providing expertise for project advancement and policy recommendations.

Currently, Corbel is the Executive Director of the Lazord Foundation.

Franco-Egyptian, Nelly Corbel is an alumna of the Harvard Kennedy School (Strategic management for leaders of non-profit), the American university in Paris (MA -International affairs) and the Institut Catholique de Paris (MA – Conflict sociology).