Osaeed Y. Zakarneh

Fellowship year

2016 - 2017


Placement when a fellow

International Programmes Coordinator - Generation for Peace

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Field Officer - REACH Syria

Higher education

Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts

Current country of residence



Osaid Zkarneh holds a Diploma in Industrial Chemical Technology from Al-Balqa Applied University (2014) and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the Arab Open University.

Osaid joined ACTED’s REACH Initiative as Northern Syria Field Officer. He also worked for several other NGOs including time spent through Lazord Fellowship Program as an International Programmes Coordinator at Generations For Peace, project coordinator at Bait Al Hikmah Foundation for youth and BLIMATCH (Blind Telematch) Youth Project. Osaid has also been involved in several volunteering opportunities with organizations such as Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre, ActionAid, Jordanian Women Qualifying and Training Society, United Nation Volunteers, Al Jude for Scientific Care, International Youth Foundation and Leaders of Tomorrow. Moreover, he is a member of many regional and international youth networks and organizations such as Activista International Network, Electron Youth Network and the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe Network. In addition, Osaid is now part of the first Eisenhower Fellowship’s Youth Leaders for the year 2017/2018.

Through his fellowship with Lazord, Osaid was able to write the, “Jordan Social Cohesion Report,” and design the, “Arts Towards Social Cohesion Platform Program.” Both the program and the report won the Lazord national competition in Jordan and the regional competition between Egypt and Tunisia.