Nancy Otoom

Fellowship year

2012 - 2013


Human Rights - Research

Placement when a fellow

Advocacy Officer - Jordan Green Building Council

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Informal Justice Officer - Terre des hommes Tdh

Higher education

Masters Degree - Law

Current country of residence



Nancy Otoom was born in 1990 in Jordan, and gained a Masters’ degree in law. She has been working in different INGOs in the humanitarian field, research, training and advocacy since 2010. She has won three national awards in the field of research and moot courts, and one competition regionally.

She started her professional experience as a full time on 2012, through Lazord fellowship, through Injaz organization in Jordan; which opens the door for her ambitions, achievements, inspirations and opportunities. She has published two researches, the first one is: “the guarantees of fair trail” with the National Center for Human Rights in Bahrain, and the other one is “Multinational corporation violations against human rights according to United Nations principles” with Derasat Journal with University of Jordan.

Nancy is currently working on the field of Juvenile justice, providing high level training to the formal and Informal actors. She is looking for continuous development and any opportunities that would help her to achieve herself through.